Application Guide


Have you been invited to an interview, telephone interview or Assessment Center? Congratulations – that means you have got past the first big hurdle. The purpose of an interview is for us to get to know one another. We will also discuss the vacancy with you in more detail, along with your prospects at Bayer.

If a member of our Recruiting team invites you to an interview or Assessment Center, you are one of the applicants whose skills and qualifications best fit the requirements profile for the job. Normally, the recruiter will call you to invite you to the interview or Assessment Center and you will then receive an email confirming the date. Our tip: since these emails are sent out automatically to unknown addresses, you should also check your spam folder for emails from Bayer.

Type of interview

The type of interview we invite you to depends on the position you have applied for.

Normally we use conventional face-to-face interviews to present the company and find out more about you. Sometimes, we invite people to a preliminary telephone or video interview, for example, if there are very many applicants for a position or if you live a long way from our site. For entry-level positions, assistants and internships, in particular, we use such interviews to narrow down the shortlist of suitable candidates.

We often use Assessment Centers for entry-level positions, trainee programs and jobs in Business Consulting. Applicants for such positions generally have little work experience. An Assessment Center helps us assess their potential better.

During the interview or Assessment Center you will find out more about Bayer and the job you have applied for. We will also show you the perspectives offered by Bayer. Here you can find out more about the interview process, the content of an interview and preparing for an interview.


Tips before visiting us

Read our site-specific pages for valuable information on Bayer’s headcount, fields of work and main research areas. To make your journey as smooth as possible, links on each site page will take you directly to directions and site maps.

Please note that, as a rule, travel expenses incurred as part of the job interview are reimbursed. You can download the relevant form here: Submitting travel expenses after an interview