Bayer online registration


You didn't find a suitable vacancy? If you register with our applicant database, you will be kept continually up-to-date in your search for a challenging position. Here are some helpful hints on how to make best use of this service.

Entering an applicant profile and releasing it for Recruiting

When you have entered your profile in “Registration” you can activate a “job agent”. You will receive a message from us as soon as a new vacancy is posted in the area you defined. This is also an optimum basis for applying for several suitable vacancies without having to enter your data and upload your attachments separately for every application.


If you apply for several vacancies, you should not upload your cover letter (letter of motivation) as an attachment. Instead you should enter it in the template for each vacancy. In this way you will ensure that the relevant cover letter is received by each organizational unit you apply to. Your attachments will be forward by Recruiting as a single package.


You can also release your profile for our Recruiting team. If a vacancy is not filled or there are too few applicants, the Recruiting team can search the database of registered applicants and contact you. If your profile matches a vacancy, we will notify you and look forward to receiving your application.


Since we are only allowed to keep your data for a maximum of six months, at the end of six months we will ask you whether you wish us to retain your data. If you are no longer interested or if you do not reply, your profile will be deleted completely.

Deleting or inactivating your profile

You can naturally delete your registration yourself at any time. However, you should only de-register if you do not wish to use the data to apply for a job in the future. If you simply do not wish to receive information on suitable vacancies for a temporary period – for example, because you are going abroad for a while – you should merely block access to your profile and the job agent. You can then reactivate the data later.


To edit these and many other settings, simply log on and select "Candidate Profile” on your  personal page. You should also select the category of vacancy you are interested in, e.g. internship, vacation job, post-doc, to enable us to screen vacancies more selectively. You can also browse current vacancies at any time by clicking on "Job Postings", apply directly for advertised positions and manage your applications.

Feedback from our Recruiting team

Entering a profile via the “Register” button is not the same as applying to Bayer. If you release your profile for our Recruiting team, we will notify you when there is a vacancy that matches your profile and look forward to receiving your application. To make sure we can contact you, please release your profile for use by our Recruiting team. Otherwise we cannot compare your data to vacancies.


Whether and when you receive notification of vacancies depends on the vacancies we have. Sometimes, the first notification people receive is the automatic enquiry about whether they wish us to retain their data after six months. This is a reminder that registration is not a conventional on-spec application, it merely releases your data for screening against possible vacancy notices.


By contrast, if you have submitted an application in response to a specific vacancy, you are part of the official application process. In this case, you will receive confirmation of receipt of your application and can expect to receive further feedback from us within two to six weeks.

Note on speculative applications

We only offer the option of speculative applications for internships and students writing their dissertation or thesis. If you use this option, you may need to be patient before a suitable opening is found. However, we will contact you as soon as possible.


If you are a student looking for an interesting internship, it always makes sense to apply to Bayer - even if we do not currently have a suitable vacancy. Internships are often filled directly from speculative applications we receive.


To apply for an internship at Bayer go to Internships / Theses Germany and select the appropriate link under “Online application for internships” or “Degree/Bachelor/Master dissertations”. Please fill out the application form carefully and completely. Simply follow the instructions in the application wizard.


For further information, see our FAQs.