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Your application gives us a first impression of you. Often it is that first impression that determines whether we feel you might be the right person for a particular vacancy at Bayer. Therefore, it is worthwhile investing time in your application.

Your specialist knowledge, experience, skillset and of course your personality determine whether you might be the right person for a particular vacancy and whether you will fit in at Bayer. Since the demands made by every position vary, we always consider your entire profile. That means you could be the right candidate for a specific job even if you currently lack some of the knowledge, experience or competencies required.

Online applications only

Please note that Bayer accepts online applications only via its recruiting portal. Online processing enables us to quickly review your application, compare it with those of other candidates, consult the decision-makers involved and give you feedback at the earliest possible opportunity. We are unable to consider applications submitted by email, on paper, as a website or in any other form. We ask for your understanding in this matter and your help in keeping the recruiting process as lean as possible. You can find important information about online and speculative applications in the overview under Job Search.

Competencies and personality

First of all, we are interested in the knowledge you have acquired in your vocational training or degree course. And maybe you have already gained further experience through a job or further training.


You will also have acquired some personal skills and competencies along the way, for example:


  • Practical experience – e.g. from internships or jobs, practical projects or workshops while you were studying
  • Intercultural competence  – from time spent working or studying abroad, international projects or activities in intercultural teams
  • Social competence – includes communication skills, team spirit, entrepreneurial competencies and leadership skills
  • Work methods – for example, analytical and problem-solving skills, presentation skills, experience of specific research or test methods


You should therefore summarize your key skills and experience in your application either in your resume, by attaching relevant certificates and references or by drawing attention to them in your cover letter. Specific examples of social and methodological competencies are particularly useful in helping us assess your strengths: Where did you show special team or communication skills? Where did you successfully resolve problems and how did you tackle them? Talking to friends and relatives may give you valuable insights.

The right profile

Knowledge of other fields or other skills and experience may be particularly important for a specific position. You should therefore draw attention to aspects that are of particular relevance and interest for the vacancy in your cover letter and resume showing us why we should be interested in interviewing you.


Good to know: voluntary work and other activities

Bayer welcomes employees who play an active role in the community. You should therefore tell us about your interests outside work - whether you do voluntary work or are committed to a club or society. We are not simply interested in high-profile offices: people who take on responsibility or are passionately committed to helping others and shaping their community gain a wide range of experience including practical, social, methodological and often intercultural skills. Share your experience with us – either in your application or later at your interview.

Job Search

Bayer has launched a new recruiting system that makes it faster and easier for you to apply. Therefore we have two Login-possibilities:

Online application - Login for applications before October 23, 2017

Online application - Login for applications after October 23, 2017

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