Bayer & Monsanto

What is the current state of the Monsanto integration?

The integration of Monsanto is currently in progress. On Advancing Together you will find all information about the merger and answers to the most frequently asked questions. In addition, our project team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have via e-mail. Please find the contact details on our website.

Do I now apply for Monsanto or Bayer?

Since we have already received several inquiries in this direction, we have summarised all relevant information about the application on a designated subpage. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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School leavers

Here you will find specific answers to precisely the questions that are of interest to you as school leavers on topics such as work placements and training opportunities once you leave school.

Does Bayer offer internships for school students?

Yes, Bayer offers work placements for school leavers at various sites in Germany. You can find further information about contacts and entry requirements for the individual sites here.

What occupations can you train for at Bayer?

Bayer offers training for various science, technical and commercial careers. For an overview of vocational training opportunities, please click here.

Are there any vocational training courses at Bayer that also allow you to study for a degree?

Bayer offers several types of vocational training with an integrated degree program for high-school graduates with very good grades at our largest German sites in Leverkusen/Dormagen and Berlin. For an overview with all the information you need, please click here.



What requirements do you need to fulfill if you want to apply for vocational training with an integrated degree program?

To apply for an integrated study program, you need to have completed the entrance qualification for a technical college (Fachhochschulreife) or the general higher education qualification (Allgemeine Hochschulreife). Alongside good grades, we also expect soft skills such as the ability to work in a team, willingness to learn and reliability. For a more specific description, please go to the website of the individual degree programs. For all degree programs, please click here.

How can I apply for a vocational training place or an integrated degree program?

Places on vocational training courses and integrated degree programs are advertised every year around August and start in the September of the following year. Offers are updated daily and can be found using the matrix on the online applicationpage. If an application form is displayed for a vocational training course or a degree program, there are still places available. The application procedure runs throughout the year. There are no set deadlines.


The most important questions concerning you as a student with regard to an internship or an undergraduate dissertation etc. are answered here.

How many internship places does Bayer award?

Around 600–800 places are awarded throughout Germany each year, most of which are in Leverkusen and Berlin.

What duties do I have during an internship?

Bayer deploys interns in a targeted way from the outset according to their existing knowledge. We consider it important, for example, that they learn and take on appropriate levels of responsibility through their own sub-projects.

How will I be looked after during my internship?

As well as the support you'll receive in the department you have been assigned to, there are regular meetings for interns that allow interns to talk and get to know each other.

How important is it to have a knowledge of German?

A knowledge of German is desirable, but is not always necessary. Depending on the field, it is possible that all communication may be in English, therefore making this a requirement. To ensure their wellbeing, however, we advise all students to gain a basic knowledge of the language of the relevant country before they start their internship, as interpersonal relationships often depend heavily on language.  

What do I need to know about health or accident insurance?

Students also need to disclose their health insurance status if they want to work at Bayer. Membership of a health insurance program is a requirement for employment. If the work you are doing is not a mandatory internship and if you earn more than €450 a month, you will be liable for social security contributions. To cover industrial accidents, students will be insured by the Employer's Accident Liability Insurance Association for the duration of their employment at Bayer.

How many days’ vacation am I entitled to during my internship?

According to the collective labor agreement, all employees in the chemicals sector are entitled to 30 days’ vacation per year. Trainees and dual students generally have a further 11 days time off in lieu, which is similar to vacation. Interns working conventional hours are entitled to two days’ vacation per month. A reduced number of hours will reduce the vacation entitlement.

Internships and Theses

How far in advance should I apply for an internship or to write my thesis or dissertation?

To help us to plan your internship, thesis or dissertation, you should apply as early as possible, ideally six months before your preferred starting date. In the case of pharmaceutical internships, this should be 1-1.5 years in advance. However, you may also apply for vacant positions at short notice, stating your preferred start date.

Can I make a speculative application for an internship or to write my thesis or dissertation?

We do not accept speculative applications; however, Bayer offers a wide range of internship positions in almost all key fields. We recommend that you use our Job Search facility, where all of our vacant internships are published. If you cannot find one to suit you, you can create an applicant account here, which will allow you to receive automatic job alerts whenever applications are being invited for your preferred internship.

Can I apply for several internships or theses/dissertations at the same time?

Yes, you are welcome to apply for several available internships or theses/dissertations at Bayer at the same time.

How long does the application process take?

We endeavor to complete the application process as quickly as possible. This generally takes four to six weeks, however. Even in the case of other feedback or rejection, you will generally not have to wait longer than a few weeks. You can view the status of your open applications at any time from anywhere on the applicant portal.

What is the appointment process for internships and writing theses or dissertations?

If your online application impresses us, you will be invited to a personal or telephone interview. These interviews help us to get to know each other and to check whether you are suitable for the position and will fit into our team successfully. They also give you the opportunity to meet future co-workers and check whether the job description with the actual duties matches your expectations. You can find more information under the “Interview” tab.

Do I have to go through an Assessment Center?

No, there is no need to go through an Assessment Center when applying for an internship or to write your thesis or dissertation at Bayer.

Do only good grades matter?

For an internship or writing a thesis or dissertation at Bayer, you will impress us with your personality and your level of motivation, in addition to your qualification in the field (good grades at university). You enjoy working with others and value the diversity of teams with people from different cultures and with different views. You will have gained intercultural experience ideally through internships or studying abroad, and have good language skills, in particular English. You are result-oriented and responsible, flexible and mobile.

You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion to innovate and want your ideas and solutions to improve people’s lives. If you are applying from outside Germany, you should also be fluent in English. In some departments, the ability to speak German is also very helpful. It is important to send proof of matriculation along with your application.

How long should an internship or thesis/dissertation last?

We recommend a period of two to six months for internships (up to a year is possible), to enable you to take on duties independently following an induction phase. For basic and mandatory internships and theses/dissertations, work experience for pharmacy students (“Famulatur”), pharmaceutical internships and legal apprenticeships, we are guided by the period stipulated in the study regulations.

A maximum limit of six months generally applies to voluntary internships, while mandatory internships can last for up to one year at Bayer.

How much remuneration will I receive?

Remuneration depends on the kind of internship. For basic internships and work experience for pharmacy students (“Famulatur”), it is €300 to €500 per month. Students writing a thesis/dissertation and doing specialist internships are paid the minimum wage (between €1,450 and €1,539 per month, depending on working hours). Students who move to one of our sites for the duration of their internship or period spent writing their thesis or dissertation are able to receive a rent allowance depending on the subject area.

Which internships and theses/dissertations are offered at which sites?

Our job search facility allows you to select your preferred site and display the vacancies offered there.

Internships Only

Is it possible to undertake a part-time internship?

Most first-time interns are employed on a full-time basis, but part-time internships are still frequently available. A number of interns stay on or return to Bayer for a part-time internship. However, these positions are rarely advertised, but instead are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the relevant department.

Can I undertake an internship that covers several different areas?

While it is possible in principle to undertake an internship that involves working in several areas, such internships are not expressly advertised, but instead are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the relevant departments.

Is it possible to undertake an internship abroad?

Yes, there is the option for students to complete an internship abroad. You can find the job advertisements of the overseas Group companies and sites on the global job portal at www.career.bayer.com, where you can apply directly to them or get in touch with the contacts given.

You can find more information on the sub-page “Students > Internships > Abroad”: http://www.karriere.bayer.de/en/students/internships/abroad/

How far through my course should I be?

We generally recommend undertaking internships from the 4th semester of study of a Bachelor’s program. The advertisement for the internship may also specify a minimum level of study.

Is it possible to be awarded an internship place even without previous practical experience?

A certain level of previous practical experience may be specified, depending on the internship being advertised. But it is, of course, possible to undertake an internship for the first time at Bayer.

Can I undertake an internship before I start studying?

We offer preparatory basic internships prior to commencement of a study program (for engineering programs, for example), as well as orientation internships for those who have completed their training and gap year internships (commencing within the first 12 months after completing training). If you've already started your studies, we also offer specialist internships to accompany study programs and theses/dissertations at various degree levels in a wide range of fields. Apart from these, it is only possible to undertake specialist internships/practical semesters alongside a course of study or theses/dissertations at various degree levels in the fields of natural sciences, technology and business.

Can I undertake an internship after my studies?

We offer interested students of various disciplines the opportunity to complement their studies with practical experience. We have joined the “Fair Company” initiative for this purpose. An important fairness principle of this initiative is that internships are generally only awarded to enrolled students. This prevents full-time positions that may have been affected by job cuts simply being filled by interns, who can then be exploited as cheap labor. We take this commitment seriously and are therefore only able to offer you an internship if you are enrolled at a university and actually still studying.

Exceptions exist for “gap years” and certain orientation internships. You have one year after completing your Bachelor's degree and before commencing your Master's to orient yourself and gain practical experience. There is also an exception for an orientation internship for those who have completed their training and an orientation internship for students who have just completed a Master's degree, provided that their overall academic training is not yet complete (e.g. doctorate, second Master's degree). The internship must begin within the first 12 months after completion of training.

During this time, you can also complete an internship at Bayer lasting up to 6 months.

Students writing dissertations and theses:

Can I write my thesis or dissertation in collaboration with Bayer and, if so, how?

Ideally, you should complete an internship in your course specialization, before speaking to your mentors and supervisors regarding a thesis or dissertation in this field. Otherwise you may also apply directly for advertised positions for writing a thesis or dissertation: https://karriere.bayer.de/en/

Your application should include a suggested topic or focus that is relevant to Bayer. Once your application has been accepted, we will look for a suitable position and a mentor for your work at the company. In the meantime, you should speak to a tutor at your university who will approve the subject of your thesis or dissertation and will support and assess your work. We will agree the exact terms of the contract with you individually.

Does Bayer provide topic suggestions?

The advertisements for thesis and dissertation-writing positions include indications of the specialist area or subject for which the position is being offered.

Is it possible to combine writing my thesis or dissertation with an internship at Bayer?

If you should come across an interesting subject during your internship, it is possible to write your thesis or dissertation during or after your internship with the agreement and approval of the relevant department.

It is also possible when applying for an advertised internship or thesis and dissertation-writing position to inquire about the possibility of combining the two.


Entry Level

As a graduate you are now poised to start your career. This section gives you the answers to key questions.

Does Bayer offer graduate trainee programs?

Bayer offers entry programs for graduates (graduate trainee programs) after they have completed their studies, as well as the possibility of direct entry to some areas.

This includes:

Click on the individual programs for detailed information on the areas of focus, requirements, application process, etc. for each program.

Here, you will also find a link to a program brochure, which contains an overview of the most important information.

Does Bayer offer special support programs for new recruits?

Supporting the next generation plays a very important role at Bayer. That applies irrespective of whether you opt for direct entry or entry via a graduate trainee program. As well as your supervisors, experienced managers will always be on hand to offer help and advice as mentors or sounding boards, to help you integrate into the company quickly, access internal networks and interesting communities and shape your career at Bayer.

How can I meet Bayer employees in person to find out about getting a job at Bayer?

Bayer staff are on the road almost all year round attending trade fairs and conventions throughout Germany to talk to students, graduates and young professionals about opportunities to start a career at Bayer. For more information, visit the Events section of the careers website. The Facebook careers and LinkedIn pages also offer you the opportunity to contact Bayer employees directly, while the personal entries on our Careers Blog offer an exciting insight into the day-to-day work of various units and functions.

How do engineers go about getting a job at Bayer?

Entry is usually “on-the-job,” i.e. with a fixed area of responsibility. Key areas are technical development, engineering and technical plant management. You can find out more about engineers’ responsibilities, fields and development areas at Bayer here. It is possible to get a direct entry job at any time during the year: vacant positions are advertised on the Job Search section. You can also enter via the International Future Leadership Program for Production (Engineers, Pharmacists, Natural Scientists) at Bayer.

How do natural scientists go about getting a job at Bayer?

Our Health Care and Crop Science divisions in particular offer exciting fields of work for natural scientists. The focus here is on research and development. There are also entry opportunities in the fields of analytics, information and knowledge management, internal consulting, product management, marketing and sales. More information on our functional areas can be found here. It is possible to get a direct entry job at any time during the year: vacant positions are advertised on the Job Search section.

Young natural scientists may also be interested in some of our entry programs, such as the International Future Leadership Program for Productionthe Trainee Program in Marketing & Sales at Bayer Vital or the International Trainee Program in Clinical Development.

How do IT specialists go about getting a job at Bayer?

We offer dedicated IT specialists challenging and exciting entry opportunities in all areas of Bayer, from research to sales. Your responsibilities and entry-level depend on your training specialisms and experience. Alongside security and network architecture, this field also includes developing specially tailored, state-of-the-art IT solutions for major tasks as, at Bayer, IT is an integrated, value-adding part of our organization as a whole and is the driving force behind our entire digital transformation. Click here for more information. You will find details of current IT vacancies on our Job Search page.

How do economists go about getting a job at Bayer?

Economists can begin their career at Bayer by getting a direct entry job or via a graduate trainee program. There are several interesting training programs available. Click here for an overview of all entry programs. The areas in which economists can work include Finance, Logistics and Consulting, as well as IT, Marketing, Sales and HR. More detailed information on the functional areas and responsibilities for economists at Bayer can be found here. You will find details of all current vacancies on our Job Search page.

How do pharmacists go about getting a job at Bayer?

As a pharmacist at Bayer, you will be involved in developing, manufacturing or marketing our innovative medicines and health care products. You can either start your career at Bayer by applying directly for one of our vacant positions (click here to access the Job Search page) or via one of our entry programs for pharmacists (International Future Leadership Program for Production or International Trainee Program in Clinical Development). You can find more detailed information here.

How many graduates does Bayer hire?

In Germany, Bayer hires around 250 university graduates per year.

Experienced professionals

Questions about employment and promotion opportunities for professionals with experience are answered here.

Does Bayer recruit managers from the ranks of its own employees?

Bayer’s staff development philosophy places an emphasis on the development of employees from its own ranks. By using job rotation, project and international assignments, Bayer is able to offer interesting international career opportunities and employees can actively apply for vacant positions via the internal Job Portal. For example, managers from In-house consulting are often recruited for positions at the individual companies. However, we frequently also have positions that are open to external managers with professional experience, which you can find via our “Job Search.” 

Do you have special support programs for particularly highly skilled employees?

A key goal of Bayer’s staff development policy is to identify “high potentials” so that they can be given further targeted support through challenging tasks, project assignments and assignments abroad, as well as selected top seminars, allowing them to develop. Internal Assessment Centers are also offered and regular feedback sessions held on the initiative of the supervisor.

What incentives does Bayer offer employees?

As well as a basic salary, Bayer offers its employees short-term and long-term incentives such as variable income components based on the company’s performance and their own personal performance, individual one-off payments for particularly outstanding achievements and a shareholding program.

Further incentives include:
- Bayer Employee Fund
- Deferred Compensation for Pensions
- Company-leased vehicles
- Health support
- Childcare
- Long-term accounts
- Job ticket

Click here for more information.  

What does Bayer offer in terms of work/life balance?

Bayer accommodates its employees’ diverse needs with individual, flexible working time models and mobile working, so that staff can combine professional and personal interests. Employees can also save up credit in an individual long-term account made up of their various time and pay components, allowing them to retire earlier through a paid period of leave or take a break from work.
Throughout Germany, Bayer offers its employees over 500 daycare places at centers run by various companies. At the Leverkusen, Berlin and Monheim sites, the company even has its own daycare centers with places for children from the age of six months. During vacation periods, Bayer offers vacation care for employees’ children in collaboration with its sports clubs at its Lower Rhine sites or supports employees who commute by providing a financial subsidy to allow them to use a childcare offer closer to home. When looking for carers for children or close relatives who need care, Bayer employees can also make use of the family service for advice and support.

Since the late 1980s, Bayer employees have been able to interrupt their employment for up to seven years – including the maternity period and statutory parental leave – to raise their children. Bayer also supports its employees with advice and flexible worktime models if they need to look after close relatives.

Click here for more information.