From Recruitment Dinner to Bayer’s Jungle

von Frederik Decker am 8/2/17 um 12:20 PM Uhr

Hi everyone, my name is Frederik Decker and I am currently taking part in an International Financial Management Trainee Program focusing on Controlling at Bayer AG. I would like to share my personal impression of the application process, and my initial steps, with you. I first got to know Bayer at the Maastricht Business Days ... Read more

Science For A Better Life with the Otto Bayer Scholarship

von Daniel Polak am 6/19/17 um 6:48 AM Uhr

Hello. My name is Daniel and I come from a place near Aschaffenburg, a town in Germany. Since my youth, I have always been fascinated by science and technology, which is why, after graduating from high school, I decided to study Physics at TU Darmstadt. While studying for my Master’s degree at Heidelberg University, the ... Read more

Elective assignment in the Legal Department of Bayer AG in Leverkusen

von Robert Gerstenberger am 6/6/17 um 6:30 AM Uhr

My name is Robert Gerstberger. After studying law, I completed my mandatory legal clerkship in Düsseldorf and as part of it spent three-months in the legal department of Bayer AG in Leverkusen. Before deciding, I gave a lot of thought to choosing the right assignments during the overall legal clerkship period. My goal was to ... Read more

Good prospects for biotechnologists

von Patrick Großmann am 5/29/17 um 9:06 AM Uhr

Patrick Großmann reports on his experiences with the Bayer Science Foundation’s scholarship program, including financial plannability, going abroad and getting in-depth insight into Bayer’s work culture. And of course he has some dreams for the future as well! What is your career background? Currently I am employed at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, which is ... Read more

“Towards a global in-house law firm” – lawyers at Bayer

von Gabriel Harnier am 5/18/17 um 6:31 AM Uhr

Dr. Gabriel Harnier has been working at Bayer for 11 years. Today he serves as head of Law, Patents & Compliance. On our Bayer Career Blog, he reports on entry and development possibilities for lawyers. He also gives some personal insights into his own career. How would you describe your current area of activity? I ... Read more

Starting off my career as a bioengineer at Bayer

von Sebastian Heitmann am 5/11/17 um 6:38 AM Uhr

My name is Sebastian Heitmann. I work as a process engineer in Plant Engineering at Bayer in Wuppertal Elberfeld. After graduating from college with a degree in bioengineering, I first worked as a research assistant and doctoral student at Dortmund University of Technology, where I studied the purification of alcohols from fermentation broths. I also ... Read more

Jumping in at the deep end at HR marketing

von Kim Miriam Allwicher am 4/25/17 um 7:22 AM Uhr

My name is Kim Allwicher, I’m 22 years old and I’ve been part of the University & Talent Relations team since January 2017. I’d like to show you just how much fun it can be to grasp opportunities and explore paths you would never have thought of on your own. When I finished the European ... Read more

From an HR internship to the world of finance

von Christina Kroeckert am 4/6/17 um 9:45 AM Uhr

Hello, my name is Christina Kröckert. I’m 27 years old and I currently work as a value flow management expert in the Cost Accounting department of Bayer Business Services. In my blog entry, I’d like to reveal how it’s possible to develop across both functional and business unit lines at Bayer. After graduating from high ... Read more

International Trainee for Production Management – the story continues!

von Ferdinand Fingerhut am 3/28/17 um 6:04 AM Uhr

In his first blog entry at the beginning of 2016, Ferdinand Fingerhut talked about his career development prior to starting the program, the reasons why he applied, the application process itself and his first days and months at Bayer. Today, a year and a half later, having experienced so much that was new, he continues ... Read more

Exploring new destinations and gaining experience

von Hristina Ioncheva am 3/16/17 um 11:40 AM Uhr

Hristina_660x330Voices full of anticipation, a crowd bitten by the travel bug – I love the atmosphere at airports. Travel is a passion of mine and exploring new destinations and gaining experience is in my nature. These are also the qualities that help me fulfill my work responsibilities and develop further. My name is Hristina Ioncheva ... Read more

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