Versatile pharmacy internships at Bayer Vital

von Sajra Huskic am 11/29/18 um 9:04 AM Uhr

Hello everybody. we are Carlotta, Sajra, Birk and Mara, have studied pharmacy and opted for Bayer Vital for our practical year, to get to know the diverse fields of activity in an innovative and large pharmaceutical company apart from laboratory work. Bayer Vital is the German sales company of Bayer AG which represents the interface ... Read more

Change in perspective for Scientists

von Flora Borchert am 11/20/18 um 12:35 PM Uhr

Hi, I’m Flora and currently in my third semester studying ecotoxicology at the RWTH University in Aachen. During my studies, I have specialized in limnology and regulatory systems. This means I look at toxins and their impact on the living environment at all levels. Before completing my Master’s degree program, I wanted to gain valuable ... Read more

From production in Germany to planning in Brazil – all along Bayer’s supply chain

von Nadine Haeberle am 11/5/18 um 11:28 AM Uhr

My name is Nadine Haeberle and I am a Global Supply Chain Management Trainee at Bayer. In this post, I will share some insights, experiences, and my personal impression from my time as a trainee and the different roles I have assumed so far. Completing my master’s degree in Supply Chain Management (SCM), I was ... Read more

Making something wonderful out of many small pieces

von Aline Geick am 9/5/18 um 11:19 AM Uhr

Beitragsbild_1_660x330My name is Aline Geick. I am a chemist – an occupation I love – and a project manager for Bayer Business Consulting (BC). I joined Bayer in 2017, after spending five years as a management consultant for a major international top management consulting firm. Already during my studies, which I completed with a Master ... Read more

Digital Transformation and Strategy – A Demanding Combination

von Daniel Hoelzl am 7/16/18 um 12:41 PM Uhr

My name is Daniel Hölzl, and during the gap year between my bachelor’s and master’s degrees I interned for the Domain Management team at Bayer Business Services GmbH (BBS) for five months.  I originally come from Austria, and I completed my bachelor’s degree in Business & Management at the Management Center Innsbruck. In the course ... Read more

Helping gain practical benefits from scientific research

von Hovsep Mahdessian am 6/28/18 um 6:29 AM Uhr

The overarching aim and the real essence of my day-to-day work as a Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL) Manager is to help a) external stakeholders, i.e. all physicians who use our medications to treat patients, and b) internal stakeholders and colleagues within different departments across Bayer to gain practical benefits from scientific research findings. You could ... Read more

Diversity is key

von Julien Devaux am 6/21/18 um 11:46 AM Uhr

Back in July 2011 when I, Julien Devaux, first joined Bayer in Leverkusen as a young and openly gay HR professional, I was rather surprised by the low visibility of LGBTIQ topics across the organization – especially in the heart of North-Rhine Westphalia, a region known throughout Germany for its very open, diverse and welcoming ... Read more

How innovative is Bayer IT?

von Samira Poier am 12/20/17 um 1:13 PM Uhr

My name is Jonas Hellweg and I’m studying business administration at the Georg August University in Göttingen, with a focus on business information technology, marketing and management. Since I’ll be graduating soon, I started thinking about my career and decided to attend a job fair in Berlin in spring 2017. I received several invitations to ... Read more

From Vienna to Berlin in Digital Marketing

von Johannes Lettner am 12/8/17 um 7:04 AM Uhr

Hi, my name is Johannes Lettner. I’m 24 years old and I’m originally from Austria, although I now live in Berlin. After my internship is over, I will go back to the Netherlands to complete my master’s degree in international management at the Rotterdam School of Management. Like any true Austrian, I love winter sports ... Read more

Bayer’s Global Supply Chain Management Trainee Program

von Melanie Kakies am 12/1/17 um 7:56 AM Uhr

My name is Melanie Kakies and I am enrolled in Bayer’s Global Supply Chain Management Trainee Program. In this blog I would like to give you an insight into how this program is designed, which tasks I have been able to perform during my assignments and share my thoughts and impressions on the program as ... Read more