Be passionate, be creative, be digital!

von Tina Baschin am 11/20/17 um 9:28 AM Uhr

My name is Tina Baschin and I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Marketing and Sales IT where I support various marketing teams in Berlin. I graduated from Bayer’s dual study program with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration in 2015 and transferred directly to my current role. Being a digital native, ... Read more

Accounting and a long-term assignment in Europe

von Michael Chiodo am 11/13/17 um 7:00 AM Uhr

My name is Michael Chiodo and I hold the position of Process Manager Intercompany and Tax Operational at Bayer. I am a huge National Hockey League fan and love the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport in which teamwork and the right strategy are essential for winning. These are also essential characteristics for ... Read more

Ample professional mobility for engineers

von Samira Poier am 11/2/17 um 8:31 AM Uhr

Thorsten Poetter has been working at Bayer for the last 26 years and is currently responsible for the Manufacturing Intelligence & Execution Systems department in the Engineering & Technology unit. In other words: IT in Manufacturing and Production. The teams design, develop and maintain business support systems for our plants all over the world. On ... Read more

Bayer never stands still

von Ivan Espinoza am 10/23/17 um 11:13 AM Uhr

My name is Iván Espinoza, I am 42 years old and I always do my best to be a few steps ahead – either in my job as head of Accounting of the Andean country group or when I’m out for a run: Jogging challenges me and gives me balance at the same time. I ... Read more

Project management benefits from a wide variety of viewpoints

von Roman Prczewlofsky am 9/27/17 um 12:01 PM Uhr

My name is Roman Prczewlofsky, I am from Berlin and I work in project management as part of the IT marketing and sales team at Bayer. After completing my studies in economics, I worked for nine years at a consulting firm, after which I spent three years working freelance for an aid organization. During this ... Read more

Gone, but not for long: A new job for four weeks

von Ina Wellenberg am 9/11/17 um 12:35 PM Uhr

“I’ll be shadowing in the University & Talent Relations department,” I told friends at a birthday party a little while ago. “You’ll be doing what?” they asked in response. So, what exactly is shadowing, and how did it go? How did I learn about shadowing in the first place? My name is Ina Wellenberg, and ... Read more

From a bench based science to real life science

von Vincent Ruland am 8/25/17 um 8:12 AM Uhr

My name is Vincent Ruland and I work as a Senior Consultant in the Berlin office of Bayer Business Consulting (BBC), the Bayer Group’s inhouse consulting unit. Here I work on exciting projects in the area of research and development and found a place where I can work towards making researcher’s innovations accessible to the ... Read more

My work with the global brand Aspirin

von Ann Steinbach am 8/9/17 um 7:50 AM Uhr

My name is Dr. Uwe Gessner and I’m a Senior Manager in the Scientific Affairs department of Bayer Vital GmbH in Leverkusen. As part of this role, I work for Consumer Health. I have been at Bayer since 1984, having started out as a field force employee in the hospital segment. My responsibilities today include ... Read more

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