“Towards a global in-house law firm” – lawyers at Bayer

von Gabriel Harnier am 5/18/17 um 6:31 AM Uhr

Dr. Gabriel Harnier has been working at Bayer for 11 years. Today he serves as head of Law, Patents & Compliance. On our Bayer Career Blog, he reports on entry and development possibilities for lawyers. He also gives some personal insights into his own career. How would you describe your current area of activity? I ... Read more

Starting off my career as a bioengineer at Bayer

von Sebastian Heitmann am 5/11/17 um 6:38 AM Uhr

My name is Sebastian Heitmann. I work as a process engineer in Plant Engineering at Bayer in Wuppertal Elberfeld. After graduating from college with a degree in bioengineering, I first worked as a research assistant and doctoral student at Dortmund University of Technology, where I studied the purification of alcohols from fermentation broths. I also ... Read more

Good work always pays off

von Francisco Sola Antonanzas am 5/4/17 um 9:02 AM Uhr

My name is Francisco Sola Antonanzas and I love accounting! I’m 43 years old and at the moment I’m working in the cost accounting department at Bayer PLC in Reading, UK. In my spare time I love to go running as sport gives me the opportunity to relax and to get a different perspective. Many ... Read more

Bayer – maybe a bit too big for me?

von Andre Puetz am 3/22/17 um 1:06 PM Uhr

My name is André Puetz and I am Head of Biotransformation & Bio catalysis in the Engineering & Technology department of Bayer. Like many young people who have just finished school, I wasn’t quite sure at the time what I wanted to do in the future. Vocational training or university, humanities or science? And where ... Read more

Exploring new destinations and gaining experience

von Hristina Ioncheva am 3/16/17 um 11:40 AM Uhr

Hristina_660x330Voices full of anticipation, a crowd bitten by the travel bug – I love the atmosphere at airports. Travel is a passion of mine and exploring new destinations and gaining experience is in my nature. These are also the qualities that help me fulfill my work responsibilities and develop further. My name is Hristina Ioncheva ... Read more

“Discover Your Assignment!” – My project in Dubai

von Sami Joost am 1/17/17 um 12:32 PM Uhr

BayerCareerBlog_SamiJoost_Portrait_640x330Graduate traineeship in Digital Communications There is a well-known Egyptian fable about an ant and a camel meeting at an oasis. The ant is carrying two straws that are many times bigger and heavier than itself. The camel, which also has to carry heavy loads at times, admires the tiny creature and asks: “Where do ... Read more

Bayer fellow: Post-doctoral researcher in a peaceful state of mind

von Irina Delidovich am 12/20/16 um 7:22 AM Uhr

Hi, my name is Irina Delidovich and I am 29 years old. Currently I work as a research fellow and group leader in the ITMC (Institut für Technische und Makromolekulare Chemie) RWTH Aachen University. I was born in Balkhash, a small town in Kazakhstan. At the age of 15, I moved to Novosibirsk, Russia, where ... Read more

1 year’s experience: from Recruiting Barcelona to Talent Management Leverkusen

von Maite Farre am 12/12/16 um 8:22 AM Uhr

Maite_Beitragsbild_ca.630x330My name is Maite Farré. I’m 30 years old and I come from Barcelona, but nowadays I live in Cologne. I earned a master’s degree in business administration in Barcelona and have more than seven years’ experience working in the HR field. I joined the Recruiting Department of Bayer in Barcelona, Spain, two and a ... Read more

Bayer: A Truly Global Company.

von Britta Fischer-Rau am 12/5/16 um 8:28 AM Uhr

My name’s Melissa Saw and I’m currently a Global Digital Manager for Bayer Corporation based in Whippany, New Jersey, USA. My role consists of three major tasks. Firstly, leading and supporting the global partnership enterprise with external partners such as Google. Secondly, supporting the digital marketing leadership platform and thirdly, global project management within the ... Read more

Global Clinical Leader at Bayer

von Thilo Krueger am 11/23/16 um 6:05 AM Uhr

My name is Thilo Krüger. I’m 41 years old and I’ve been working for Bayer at the Wuppertal Research Center since October 2013. After completing my degree in medicine at the university in Düsseldorf, I worked for about 13 years in the Nephrology Department (kidney diseases) at Aachen University Hospital. In that time I became ... Read more

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