In the thick of things

von Teresa Cuenca Fernandez am 6/14/18 um 7:15 AM Uhr

My name is Teresa Cuenca Fernandez and as my traineeship at the Crop Science Division of Bayer draws to a close, I can look back on an exciting time. A time during which I was right in the thick of things: the business, the employees, the flow of communication. I worked on many projects that ... Read more

“Discover Your Assignment!” – My project in Dubai

von Sami Joost am 1/17/17 um 12:32 PM Uhr

BayerCareerBlog_SamiJoost_Portrait_640x330Graduate traineeship in Digital Communications There is a well-known Egyptian fable about an ant and a camel meeting at an oasis. The ant is carrying two straws that are many times bigger and heavier than itself. The camel, which also has to carry heavy loads at times, admires the tiny creature and asks: “Where do ... Read more

My amazing journey through the world of procurement at Bayer AG

von Regina Stadler am 12/14/16 um 9:02 AM Uhr

Regina Stadler_Beitragsbild_630x330_komprimiertMy name is Regina Stadler and I am a trainee in the International Program for Procurement Management at Bayer AG. My journey with Bayer has been full of excitement from the very beginning: My assignments took me through different areas of procurement and even to different countries. Currently I am writing to you from faraway ... Read more