Always challenge the status quo

von Valter Lopez am 9/17/18 um 10:02 AM Uhr

My name is Valter Lopes. I grew up in Brazil and moved to Germany to work for Bayer Business Consulting in 2017. In my role as Senior Project Manager Business Transformation & Change I am part of a big and supportive team. I have always had a fascination for different cultures. As a teenager, I ... Read more

Flying Dutchman – from Barcelona to Monheim

von Natalie Matthesius am 9/11/18 um 8:48 AM Uhr

I am Pieter Niemeijer, an Accounting Business Partner for Crop Science and Animal Health, and I would like to start off by looking at three questions: “WHY DID I CHOOSE TO STUDY?” This was a question I asked myself regularly during my studies in Economics in Groningen (NL) and Leuven (BE). At Bayer, you need ... Read more

Making something wonderful out of many small pieces

von Aline Geick am 9/5/18 um 11:19 AM Uhr

Beitragsbild_1_660x330My name is Aline Geick. I am a chemist – an occupation I love – and a project manager for Bayer Business Consulting (BC). I joined Bayer in 2017, after spending five years as a management consultant for a major international top management consulting firm. Already during my studies, which I completed with a Master ... Read more

New career steps at 60+

von Natalie Matthesius am 9/3/18 um 11:10 AM Uhr

Hi. My name is Reinhold, I’m in my sixties and I’ve been working as a pharmaceutical field sales rep for over 30 years. Before I became part of the Bayer team, I worked for three family-run companies and the third one, Steigerwald, was bought by Bayer in 2016. At the time, it hit us all ... Read more

From health insurance to pharmaceuticals

von Natalie Matthesius am 8/24/18 um 8:06 AM Uhr

Hi everyone, my name is Kay Gerten. I was born in Karlsruhe in 1965 and still very much enjoy living there. After leaving school, I trained as a social insurance specialist with the Barmer Ersatzkasse health insurance company. During my apprenticeship, I was already spending more time on the road than at the office, so ... Read more

How can you travel right around the world? With the International Financial Management Trainee Program at Bayer, of course!

von Natalie Matthesius am 8/20/18 um 11:17 AM Uhr

Dusty legal texts, boring Excel files and your typical business administration graduate complete with tie – these are the images that most people associate with accounting.  I want to sweep away these clichés with this blog post. My name is Fabian Brune. I am 27 years young and studied engineering management in Ilmenau in the ... Read more

Accounting is more than just crunching numbers

von Natalie Matthesius am 8/16/18 um 3:47 PM Uhr

Hi, my name is Merry Ngo and I currently work as a cost accounting expert at the Global Office in Leverkusen. I joined Bayer as an international financial management trainee (Accounting track) right after finishing my master’s degree in 2014 and hold my current accounting position since 2015. Ever since my first visit to the ... Read more

Digital Transformation and Strategy – A Demanding Combination

von Natalie Matthesius am 7/16/18 um 12:41 PM Uhr

My name is Daniel Hölzl, and during the gap year between my bachelor’s and master’s degrees I interned for the Domain Management team at Bayer Business Services GmbH (BBS) for five months.  I originally come from Austria, and I completed my bachelor’s degree in Business & Management at the Management Center Innsbruck. In the course ... Read more

When theory meets practice – my experience at Bayer Pharmaceuticals

von Natalie Matthesius am 7/12/18 um 8:29 AM Uhr

My name is Jacqueline Schwarz and I have been working as a pharmacy intern in Clinical Supply Management at Bayer AG in Berlin since November 2017. Our department acts as the interface between chemical and pharmaceutical development and clinical functions in the drug development process. We are responsible for establishing and supervising the supply of ... Read more

Helping gain practical benefits from scientific research

von Hovsep Mahdessian am 6/28/18 um 6:29 AM Uhr

The overarching aim and the real essence of my day-to-day work as a Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL) Manager is to help a) external stakeholders, i.e. all physicians who use our medications to treat patients, and b) internal stakeholders and colleagues within different departments across Bayer to gain practical benefits from scientific research findings. You could ... Read more