Great things can be set in motion with that one crucial step

von Karim Hesham am 12/17/18 um 12:57 PM Uhr

Karim Hisham became Bayer’s Digital Champion in Egypt as a result of his great passion for social media alongside his role as a medical sales representative. As part of Bayer encouraging employees to continue their education, he is currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing at ESLSCA business school. My association with Bayer started in early ... Read more

Finding innovative solutions for agriculture

von Robert Brinkmann am 12/10/18 um 1:34 PM Uhr

Hi, everyone. My name is Robert Brinkmann, and I manage the Agronomic Operations department of Bayer’s Crop Science division, which conducts field tests around the world for the development of new crop protection products and innovative solutions. I’m responsible for the global network of test sites for developing crop protection products in all markets important ... Read more

Versatile pharmacy internships at Bayer Vital

von Sajra Huskic am 11/29/18 um 9:04 AM Uhr

Hello everybody. we are Carlotta, Sajra, Birk and Mara, have studied pharmacy and opted for Bayer Vital for our practical year, to get to know the diverse fields of activity in an innovative and large pharmaceutical company apart from laboratory work. Bayer Vital is the German sales company of Bayer AG which represents the interface ... Read more

Change in perspective for Scientists

von Flora Borchert am 11/20/18 um 12:35 PM Uhr

Hi, I’m Flora and currently in my third semester studying ecotoxicology at the RWTH University in Aachen. During my studies, I have specialized in limnology and regulatory systems. This means I look at toxins and their impact on the living environment at all levels. Before completing my Master’s degree program, I wanted to gain valuable ... Read more

From production in Germany to planning in Brazil – all along Bayer’s supply chain

von Nadine Haeberle am 11/5/18 um 11:28 AM Uhr

My name is Nadine Haeberle and I am a Global Supply Chain Management Trainee at Bayer. In this post, I will share some insights, experiences, and my personal impression from my time as a trainee and the different roles I have assumed so far. Completing my master’s degree in Supply Chain Management (SCM), I was ... Read more

Be part of the future with Bayer – part 2

von Ulf Hengstmann am 10/26/18 um 11:40 AM Uhr

In the first part, I already told you a lot about Bayer and digitalization. This May, I had the honor of being invited to Imperial College in London, where I gave a talk on the digital transformation at Bayer, titled “Hacking Corporate Culture.” And I am currently heading a PoC (proof of concept) project focused ... Read more

Be part of the future with Bayer!

von Ulf Hengstmann am 10/22/18 um 1:54 PM Uhr

Hello to all you seekers, the curious ones, the pathfinders, the ones who question, the bold ones, the innovators. My name is Ulf Hengstmann, and I feel honored to have this opportunity to write a few lines about myself and my professional life. I’m the Digital Health Innovation Manager of Bayer’s Digital Innovation team, and ... Read more

Always challenge the status quo

von Valter Lopez am 9/17/18 um 10:02 AM Uhr

My name is Valter Lopes. I grew up in Brazil and moved to Germany to work for Bayer Business Consulting in 2017. In my role as Senior Project Manager Business Transformation & Change I am part of a big and supportive team. I have always had a fascination for different cultures. As a teenager, I ... Read more

Flying Dutchman – from Barcelona to Monheim

von Pieter Niemeijer am 9/11/18 um 8:48 AM Uhr

I am Pieter Niemeijer, an Accounting Business Partner for Crop Science and Animal Health, and I would like to start off by looking at three questions: “WHY DID I CHOOSE TO STUDY?” This was a question I asked myself regularly during my studies in Economics in Groningen (NL) and Leuven (BE). At Bayer, you need ... Read more

Making something wonderful out of many small pieces

von Aline Geick am 9/5/18 um 11:19 AM Uhr

Beitragsbild_1_660x330My name is Aline Geick. I am a chemist – an occupation I love – and a project manager for Bayer Business Consulting (BC). I joined Bayer in 2017, after spending five years as a management consultant for a major international top management consulting firm. Already during my studies, which I completed with a Master ... Read more